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HAP (Diamond) Control4 Dealer Singapore

Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a level of convenience, comfort, and control that was once thought impossible. Control4, a leading smart home automation system, is at the forefront of this trend and changing the way people live in their homes. Home Action Party, a platinum authorised dealer of Control4 smart home systems in Singapore, is dedicated to helping clients build the luxury homes of their dreams. The main reason why HAP uses Control4 systems is its scalability and elegance feel that blends into interior designs. Below are some of the projects that we have done in Singapore.

Custom-able Smart Home Systems

Control4 is a versatile smart home system that can be customised to meet the aesthetic needs of each client. Hence, using Control4, Home Action Party can integrate all aspects of the home, from lighting and temperature control to entertainment and security, into one easy-to-use system. The interface of the system is user-friendly, which allows you to control your home from anywhere, while having advanced security features to keep your loved ones protected.

Luxury Feel Houses

Interior is one of the main factors to consider when building a perfect smart home. Hence, the high level of luxury offered by Control4 smart home systems is another key advantage of the system. Home luxuries such as theatre rooms or whole-home audio systems with Control4 integration create a seamless & sophisticated experience.

Whole Home Automation Controls

Below is a list of what Control4 Whole Home Automation can control and automate:

Smart Lighting: The system is able to allow property owners to add smart lights into the home control application. Hence, allowing functions such as on, off, auto schedule, dimming and colour change of the lights according to preferences.

Entertainment: Run the entertainment systems, by using automation which allows the access to music, movies, TV shows and karaoke from the controlling devices.

Security: Receive alerts from Control4 when unusual activities are detected via the surveillances. Additionally, an intercom system allows you to lock or unlock the doors through the controlling devices whenever there are visitors.

Schedule Booking: Room booking for parties or meetings for large offices and properties can be integrated to avoid conflicts of timing.

Curtain: Set the house curtain to open and close according to schedule through the Control4 smart home app.

Misc: In fact, there are many other devices which are able to integrate with Control4. Hence, the best way is to get a smart home specialist company like to help you solve your smart home needs.

DIAMOND Authorised Dealer for Control4 Singapore

When building luxury homes with Control4, it’s important to work with a highly authorised dealer. Home Action Party is the current and only Diamond Authorised dealer for Control4 in Asia. Hence, with expertise and experience in the industry, our team help clients fully utilise the capabilities of Control4 and create their ideal smart home. Additionally, our commitment to providing high-quality service and support ensures that our clients will only receive the best possible experience.


Home Action Party and Control4 are revolutionising the way of living in smart homes. With Control4’s customisable smart home system and Home Action Party’s expertise, clients in Singapore can build the luxury homes of their dreams. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing home or build a new one, Home Action Party provides the solutions you need.

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