What to consider when building a smart home in Singapore?

The number 1 consideration when building a smart home in Singapore is PROPER PLANNING!

Hence, before making any decisions, home owners should consult an experienced Smart Home Specialist company. This can shorten the time & cost for research and the possibilities of making mistakes in the integration. Off the shelf smart home products may seem lucrative to purchase, however getting them to work seamlessly might not be as easy as you think. Therefore, let us share the things to consider when building a smart home in this article.

  1. Financials – A complete smart home may start from $30K to $50K SGD to build. Thus, it might be financially tougher for young couple who owns a new house and intend to start a family. On top of that, they may upgrade into a bigger space when the family gets bigger, which requires more monetary plans for the future. A proper smart home would usually be suitable for families who have at least $50,000 SGD or more to spare.
  2. Space – When planning for home automation, owners should engage with a specialist to plan for the interior. This is because many automation devices need space for them to be hidden and feel aesthetically beautiful for visuals.
  3. Electrical wiring – Unlike off the shelf products, a complete smart home needs the correct electrician to do the job. The problem with wireless smart devices off the shelf is they cannot work properly when the house has poor or no wifi connection. Hence, getting the right company like us to help you construct, manage and idealise the smart home is important.
  4. Expandable – Whenever it is required for more devices to be added into the house, an existing automation system should easily allow that to happen.
  5. Compatibility – There are many solutions out there that brag about providing a complete solution. However, a lot of negative feedback points back to the compatibility of the system provided. Hence, you should only consider a solution that you have chance to experience in the showroom, before making a decision. This can let you visualise the system’s compatibilities and capabilities.
  6. Engaging the right consultant – A right consultant will follow through from the start of the construction and continue to provide support thereafter. Solutions which are too good to be true will eventually show flaws when you start using them. Trust us, we have seen too many homes with malfunctioning end products.

Household items that can be compatible to smart home systems:

  • Aircons
  • Televisions
  • Curtains
  • Speakers
  • Smart Lightings
  • Robot devices
  • Voice Automation – Alexa and Google Home
  • Security Camera and devices
  • And many more

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