The cost for building a smart home in Singapore

Smart home systems are getting popular in Singapore due to demand for a luxury lifestyle on this tiny island. Many new families are keen to integrate automation into their home interior. Thus, let us discuss the cost in this article.

What is smart home system?

A smart home system allows home owners to control electronic appliances such as aircon, lighting, TV, speakers and other devices through smartphones or tablets. A complete smart home requires setup through hardwired systems as wireless setup may encounter issues when there is no connection.

So how much does a smart home really cost?

There is no definite answer to this question as it depends on how many configurations are needed. However, the cost of building a complete smart home will start from $30,000 – $50,000 SGD.

What are there to plan for a smart home in Singapore?

  • Lighting Controls – Lights can be set to follow a schedule on or off. Additionally, home owners can add atmosphere lights for hosting parties or home cinema which can be controlled via voice or smart devices.
  • Electronic Appliances – control appliances such as aircon, televisions, speakers, projectors, water heaters, curtains and more.
  • Security – Depending on the house outside, a smart security system can help alert suspicious activities in the surveillance area.
  • Voice control – Optional, but having voice control can add so much more value to your smart home in Singapore.
  • Smart Switches – connects to the smart home system, allowing you to control devices from your mobile device.

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Breakdown of the costing for home automation system

As mentioned above, the prices depend on the configuration you choose for your house. Hence, it is important to plan ahead with your interior design. A complete smart house design requires minor renovation work, unlike those products you can get off the shelf. Additional costs must be considered if you are looking for higher end fixtures.

What kind of home owners should plan for smart home system?

Home automation is suitable for any type of house owner. Even an HDB with a planned budget and a reliable home automation company such as HAP can make a real smart home come true.

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