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    HAP Smart Home Solutions

    Home Theater Room

    Looking to build a Smart Home Singapore with a predefined room environment set for entertainment? HAP provides entertainment room solutions to integrate with automation for practical use of home spaces.

    Smart Home Lighting

    Smart Lighting allows the control and schedule of lights in a house via controlling devices. Hence, an automated light system can solve the issues of the need to physically switch on and off the lights in the house.

    Access Security

    Allow your guest into the house via one tap through the controlling devices. Additionally, owners to get alerted when surveillance cameras detect unusual activities.

    Auto Atmosphere Tuning

    Our smart home solutions are customized to personal preferences. Hence, it requires simple controls for users to set their environment with just 1 touch button control. Our team programs the control and allow preset scenes to happen in just 1 touch.

    Smart Shades, Curtain Control

    As time is extremely precious in Singapore, the usage of curtains is minimal. However, owning controlling shades brings great benefits for home owners. Allowing timed sunlight flow into the house helps to adjust your mood and gets you ready for the day.

    Voice Control for home

    There are many brand offerings for AI speakers in the market. Alexa and Google Home is the most common choice for most house owners as it is reliable and it command in English. With these devices, voice commands became reality for home automation.