Home Action Party began on 2015 in a small 20 sqm office selling DIY smart products and offering Control4 solutions. Thereafter, as our clients start pouring in, the demands of after sales service increased. That is why we understood that the requirement for minimal after sales services with the maximum system reliability for the solution is important. Today, our services and solutions are mainly focused on custom installations of smart home systems for our clients only.

Get to know the beginning of our company and how we have grown into one of the biggest companies in Home Automation, an image of our design plans
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Our Team

A business cannot succeed with one individual, our team has matured and grown over the years. Growing from a two-man company to a team of enthusiasts now focused on building a smart home nation for Singapore.

Our team of automation technology specialists provide objective plans to build your smart home from scratch. Therefore, it is important for us to keep ourselves updated with the latest automation technology. Furthermore, to produce ideal solutions with the most suited hardware for the automation to happen flawlessly.


We started out the business with the goal in mind to transform all boring houses in Singapore into beautiful and clever habitation. Therefore, we invested our time and knowledge into Control4 Home Automation System as it is the secret for beautiful design smart houses.

Hitting milestones in this journey was never easy or painless, however our efforts paid off. Today Home Action Party is the top Control4 DIAMOND Dealer in Singapore and our certified showrooms are accredited internationally.

Our Milestones and awards with Control4. HAP is the only company in Singapore with such acknowledgements.


It was challenging to look for a vendor who can plan and implement a total smart home and entertainment solution that covers security, lighting, aircon, fan, blinds, TV, sound, KTV, AP, Xbox, switch, etc. To add to the challenge, we are staying in a HDB with limited space. Eski and his team were able to listen, understand our requirements and propose a solution that is not only feasible but also elegant in usage.

The team worked closely with my ID, electrician, and Hunter Douglas blind specialist to ensure all my requirements are met. There were many uncertainties in the project as we wanted unique blinds with duolite function as well as smart glass. HAP team was patient to work with us and our suppliers to make things work. They provided professional advice and close follow-ups. The team was careful with their work and ensured the server and cable management were well done and tidy.

The result is a home with complete smart entertainment solution that is user-friendly and suits our lifestyle. We wake up in the morning with automated blinds opening and the lights are dimmed for the comfort of our eyes. The heater is switched on before we woke up and allowed us to enjoy warm bath while the speakers in the bathroom are tuned to our preferred radio station. Enjoying entertainment in the home is as convenient as a click of a button or a voice command. Using a single remote, app or voice command, at one moment, we could be enjoying our streaming drama in the TV in the living room with aircon at our preset temperature and blinds down to reduce glare. At the next moment, we could continue seamlessly in the bathtub through the projector in the bathroom. The reliability of the system and the strong technical support from HAP made it all possible.

-Tai Seng Ng Aug 2022

I recently engaged HAP to set up a smart home system in my house, and I couldn’t be happier with their service. From the very beginning, HAP was professional, knowledgeable, and always willing to answer my questions and concerns. They took the time to understand my needs and budget and provided a customized solution that worked perfectly for me.

Throughout the installation process, HAP was punctual, efficient, and tidy, and they made sure to keep me informed of their progress every step of the way. They were always available to answer any questions I had, and they even went above and beyond to make sure that everything was set up and working properly before they left.

Now that the smart home system is up and running, I’m amazed at how easy and convenient it is to control all the different features in my house. From the lighting and temperature to the security system and entertainment options, everything is just a tap or voice command away.

Overall, I can’t recommend HAP enough. Their professionalism, expertise, and customer service are top-notch, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again for any future projects. Thank you, HAP, for making my home smarter and more comfortable!

Tiong Lin Ang

It’s been a few months since the team at HAP had my new home set up and so I believe my review of their services is one which would cover not only my initial experience, but also one regarding post-sale care. It’s quite a lengthy post so brace yourself..!

For home owners new to a comprehensive smart home system, i can almost promise you that you will have a heap of questions. There are some technicalities involved, and not all of us are techy(?) people. Eski, Aaden and their team were very patient with me and tried their best to cover my queries – sometimes going so far as to answer my questions on WhatsApp in the middle of the night. I really appreciate that.

There is quite a lot to think about if you want your smart home to work in close to perfect sync with your lifestyle. It is a project that will require homeowners to give good thought about what will really work for them. The HAP team were helpful in sharing examples of their other cases, and very often these were quite inspirational and gave me good ideas.

I chose HAP because they were backed up by a solid system – Control4. This gave me the assurance to proceed after I was comfortable with the team.

Post-sale service (which was another concern of mine especially with a smart home) is great and the guys are responsive. I recently had an issue with the controls for a light on the wall and the guys were on it immediately.

If there’s one last thing to say, it would be that no company is perfect and I’ve also had to manage my own expectations. Sure there are some kinks along the way but overall this is a company I would genuinely recommend. They do cost slightly more but you do get what you pay for.

Thank you Aaden, Eski and team. I know we will speak again but I want to thank you and the team for the support you have given me with my new home.

“J Tan”

Hi Eski and Team, I sincerely thank you all for your excellent workmanship and dedicated effort to give Janice and me such an pleasant renovation experience😄

This lovely smart wall keypad definitely brings a simple touch of elegance in synergy and complementary to our classical home theme!

Wish you all the best and will share your excellent automation solutions to more friends, would appreciate if you could give them some referral discount too, thank you again ☺️☺️☺️


Strongly recommend! This is my first time experience integrating smart control/ smart home into my new place but both Aden, and Soon Meng.

They had both been very professional, helpful, responsive and most importantly, they go the extra miles. When we have issues during non office hours, they still take their time to resolve our issues….

With the personal touch from them, I would only say the best for their professionalism!

“Kingley Lim”

If we take time looking closely around us, we will discover that automatic technology has infiltrated our home in a different number of ways, changing our way of living through simplicity and convenience. HAP transform smart home technology into pieces of living art that blend harmoniously with the home environment and enhance the possibilities of creative interior design & future home living.

We change the way of living through simplicity & convenience.
Our core values are to provide the maximum utility for our customer

1. essential / 2. simple / 3. lifestyle

Our objective is to create the perfect smart homes in Singapore. That is why we go beyond just providing basic smart solutions. Home Action Party is the company that offers high-end lifestyle and entertainment smart products to luxury homes in Singapore. Hence, we only provide the finest comfort plus compatibility and aesthetics to your dream home design.