About us

Our Start

The journey of Home Action Party began on 2015 in a small 20 sqm office selling DIY smart products and offering Control4 solutions. Thereafter, as our clients start pouring in, the demands of after sales service increased. That is why we understood that the requirement for minimal after sales services with the maximum system reliability for the solution is important.  Today, our services and solutions are mainly focused on custom installations of smart home systems for our clients only.

Our Mission

We started out the business with the goal in mind to transform all boring houses in Singapore into beautiful and clever habitation. Therefore, we invested our time and knowledge into Control4 Home Automation System as it is the secret for beautiful design smart houses.

Hitting milestones in this journey was never easy or painless, however our efforts paid off. Today Home Action Party is the top Control4 DIAMOND Dealer in Singapore and our certified showrooms are accredited internationally.

Objectives on House Automation

There is no perfect product or services in this world, a real business starts to grow when we go beyond just providing stability. Home Action Party offers top quality lifestyle and entertainment smart solutions for our clients. Hence, besides creating convenience we need to ensure the comfort, stability and beauty of our home automation services.

Beautiful Design 95%
Smart Solutions 100%
Reliability 95%
Comfort and convenience 90%

Meet Our Team

A business cannot succeed with 1 individual, our team has matured and grown over the years. From 2 man running the show to a team of enthusiasts now focused on building a smart home nation for Singapore.

Our team is made up with specialists to provide objective plans to build your smart home from scratch. Thus, it is important for us to keep ourselves updated with latest automation technology. Meanwhile, we can produce ideal solutions with the most stable hardware for your smart home to work flawlessly.

We look forward to working with any parties to produce a next generation smart house in Singapore. Feel free to contact us if you are the person we are looking for.