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Why did we select Smart Home Automation as business model?

As Singapore prospers in the past 10 years, many property & business owners have been looking for a way to better facilitate their spaces. With smart home systems, the need for aimlessly hiring people to fill empty spots has changed. Thus, our company Home Action Party saw this opportunity and pioneered the industry till this day.

Do not be mistaken, our aim is not to replace jobs but to assist users and residences to enhance their way of living. In fact, with the current requirements of customer satisfaction, it is hard not to adapt to automation. Hence, our solutions help to solve the lack of focus on user experiences in properties.

What we actually provide is convenience from control of appliances, scheduling of rooms to users’ comfort adjustments. These can be done via our Control4 smart home solutions or integrating voice controls depending on individual needs. Therefore, making our company the top considered choice for Smart Home Automation.

Today, we have a team of passionate people trying to make spaces automated with leading solutions. However, we do not intend to stop here and we are constantly looking for personnel who share same the idealism. If you think you are someone who is a geek for this, send us your resume. We would love to discuss with you further.