OUR PLEDGE We, the Wiff smart home specialist of Singapore, Pledge ourselves to deliver one united WiFi, Regardless of HDB, Condo or landed, To ensure full signal coverage for your entire home, Base on high speed and low latency, So as to achieve happiness, productivity and progress with you.
Advantages • No more WiFi dead zone 5GHZ • Power over ethernet (POE) wired connection • Guaranteed Full Signal & High Speed (Better than mesh)
How to setup a future-proof whole home network infrastructure for smart home automation? • Design Stage • Implementation Stage • Commission Stage
Deploy access point with estimated coverage with heatmap on the floor plan. WEAK STRONG 2.4Chz wifi gives wide coverage, but the speed is 20Mbps to 80Mbps. 5 Ghz wifi gives high speed of 200Mbps to 600Mbps, but coverage range typically do not transmit through wall. That's why we encourage to deploy access point in individual room. 믐r밈믐밈pp믐미디 In a multiple storey house, ensure that all cables are plan to a centralized area.
Implementation Stage Do the physical termination of data jackes and socket properly. Employ the use of patch panel at network rack. This helps to ensure proper copper termination. From the patch panel, we shall use patch chord to link the data panels to the network equipment.
Commission Stage Finally we will do speed test to ensure that the physical infrastructure supports the 1Gbps upline to each individual wifi access points For more detail informations, contact us.