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Home Action Party is a company to provide homeowners with Smart Home Automation services in Singapore. Our objective is to integrate high-end automated systems into house designs while elevating the look, feel and comfort of living. As most of our clients are new to this, feel free to experience the showroom at 55 Ubi Ave 3, Aspial One Unit 01-04 Inside main lobby, beside cafe, 408864.

As more homeowners are seeking better luxury living, the use of smart home automation can thoroughly change the feel of the house. Hence, it is important to purchase a system which provides support for the longevity of the integration. Home Action Party is the pioneer in the industry and our company evolved over the years to provide safe and high-end products for our clients. Therefore, we urge our clients to think seriously before wasting money on implementing cheap off-the-shelf products in their properties. This is because we have seen many of our existing clients spend lots of money on common products which do not work seamlessly in communicating with each other.

Ultimately, our objective is to help clients who have set goals on creating their dream smart home automation. Additionally, we would also like to share our experience with new house-owners who are keen to learn more about smart homes in Singapore. Apart from these, you may look at our past portfolios and media coverage to have a concept of what your dream home may look like. You may also find out more about our services such as Smart Lighting and Voice Automation here.

Otherwise, feel free to contact Home Action Party via the form above or WhatsApp us for further information.