Enjoy the aesthetic neat with just showing a TV

And choose any movies & channels you like

AV Entertainment Automation
AV Entertainment Automation

Simplify your entertainment experience with a remote that does it all

Select your favorite channel an watch right away

Audio Video Controls

Select your favorite channel an watch right away

Hear true detail, timbre, and texture, for a more emotionally—engaging listening experience—just as the artists and studio producers intended. Anyone with an affinity for music will appreciate the premium clarity and immersiveness of Control4 multi-room audio solutions.

Entertainment Room Automation

Entertainment rooms are gaining popularity for families and friends to gather and have a good time. Thanks to smart home technology, it’s now possible to automate your entertainment room for a truly immersive experience. Thus, this is why clients choose us for entertainment room automation solutions.

AV Entertainment Automation integrates all of your media into a simple UI that can be controlled with your mobile device. Therefore, you can easily switch between activities like karaoke, gaming, or watching movies. Additionally, with Control4 smart home integration, the ambience of the room can be controlled with automated controls.

With AV Entertainment Automation, you won’t have to juggle multiple remote controls. Instead, switch between entertainment devices like Netflix and your local telco media box with ease. Nevertheless, if you misplace the remote, you can always control the system with your mobile device.

For true cinematic experience, consider adding high-end speakers and a soundproofing system to your entertainment room. As luxury standards rise in Singapore, more people are looking for private entertainment spaces to host guests or family. HAP has a proven track record, making us a top choice for Entertainment Room Automation.

Here are a few solutions to consider for AV Entertainment Automation:

Finally, if you need professional advice on building an entertainment room automation in your home, WhatsApp us for more info. Furthermore, Our showroom also offers live demonstrations so you can see how automation works for yourself. For all your smart home needs, choose HAP.