At HAP, we make it easy to command all things—lights, security, climate control, home theater, music and more—whether you’re at home or on the go. Blinds go up when the sun rises. Text alerts arrive when the kids get home f rom school. Lights set the perfect mood for your dinner party with one touch. Thermostats set the temperature just right as you head home from work



Portable Touch Control Panel
with Video Intercom

Universal Remote

Wall Touch Control Panel
with Video Intercom

IOS/Android tablets

What is a whole home automation UI (User Interface)?

Home Action Party integrates Control4 with home appliances to make spaces more comfortable and work smarter for people. The pictures shown above are the user interface whereby property owners can control their smart houses. Hence, creating the possibility of sending a command to control the house from anywhere in the world with a connected internet.

How is Control4 different from other smart home system?

Control4 is a whole home automation platform which allows the customisation of almost everything in your house. Since starting out in 2003, the company is famous for it’s ability for unlimited integration of smart home scenarios. Additionally, property owners can receive alerts when suspicious activities are detected via security cameras.

As seen from the images above, users who are granted access can easily control the smart home from these following devices:

  • Apple iWatch
  • Tablets (Android / IOS)
  • Smart Phone (Android / IOS)
  • Control4 Universal Remote Controller
  • Portable touch control with video intercom abilities. (to unlock door for permitted guests)
  • Wall touch control panel

With so many customisation, is the platform hard to use?

Not at all! Control4 provides a clean user interface where all the integration will be setup by companies like HAP. Thereafter, users can control everything in just a simple tap for the automation to work. The best way would be coming down to our showroom and experience it yourself. Feel free to WhatsApp and schedule a booking with us.